There are different types of loan amount available depending upon your needs. Basically the loan amount is categorized into two parts. First is secured loan and second is unsecured loan. Secured loans are those in which you have to give your collateral or other asset as a guarantee. On the other hand, unsecured loans are those where you get instant cash and you no need to give your asset as a guarantee. These types of quick cash loans can be availed from any of the lenders.  If a person requires the loan amount for a smaller time period, then he can apply for any of the loans like fast cash personal loan, no credit personal loans etc. The short term personal loans have a higher rate of interests and also include some other kind of fees because they don’t depend upon any credit history or other financial matter.

Unsecured Loans

In this type of loans the loan is not secured against which you have borrowed loan amount. But as a result, there may be a high rate of interest which is charged by the lender because the risk is involved in lending the same.

Short Term Personal Loan

Short term personal loans are offered by banks and online financial companies. However, there are other sources through which you get these types of loans. In this type loan the rate of interest involved in the loan amount is usually very high because of the short time period of repayment. This is a type of loan which is beneficial for both borrower as well as the lender. Since the rate of interest is high, thus banks or other financial institution also gets advantage of this type of loan. Short term personal loans are beneficial for those people who require money for different purposes, for a short period of time.

Fast Cash Advance Loan

There are many people who are in need of quick money just to meet their unexpected crisis such as medical bill, car repairing bill, traveling bill etc. It is just like any other bank loan, but here you get approval easily for the loan amount in advance and enjoy it for a shorter period of time. However, if you can’t show your sufficient income or have bad credit history then there may be the chance of rejection of loan approval amount. Usually the repayment time period of this type of loan is two weeks.

All these quick cash loans have the same process of loan approval and charge a higher rate of interest rates at the time of repayment.  But if you want to calculate your loan amount then there are many online as well as offline ways. The loan amount can be calculated through online loan amount or through Microsoft excel.  Through these ways you can decide what amount of loan you can borrow from a lender depending upon the interest rates, terms of loan and payment. The loan amount which you are borrowing is the present value of the annuity and it is the main rivulet of payments through which the loan is made.